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the design of my blog

November 15, 2007

so, events have designs as well. and so do ‘inanimate’ objects. if you recall from science and spirituality 101 everything has a vibration, and a frequency and a moment of being conceived,and created. therefore it is subject to the influences of the movement of the spheres. Ya think that only people are subject to these things? everything is in the maia, so its all subject to the rules of this particular game…

after I loaded the blog for the first time, I ran a chart for my blog and here’s what I got!

a split definition emotional projector!
fixed mind and well powered!
the head is not hooked up to the body, perfect for a blog….
personality sun- is ‘the one track mind’- stubborn obsession in the face of recurring obstacles. reliance on one’s own unique insights, in a stubborn kind of way…
personality moon- diversification without a perceived potential for synthesis.
looks like THAT’s a dive into the unknown.


design of blog

Hello Lovelies!

November 15, 2007

yep here I am in California! I have been immersed in the Human Design System(HDS) for over a week now and have been traveling in some Very Interesting places. I must say, I have a penchant for complicated and intricate things, and this is turning out to be soooo much simpler than I could possibly imagine!


Here’s what I have learned so far…

*the magic of being correctly invited into a situation, and how easy the
energy moves. and for me being a projector, its pretty intrinsic to my
longevity and happiness

*how uncomfortable it is to push and initiate when I’m not supposed to

*paradox is inherent in our lives and actually an important part of the
human experience, not to mention it takes ENORMOUS pressure off of
expectations. ex: “it could happen, or not…”

*surrender is Sooo much harder than we think, but once ya get used to it,
the unknown becomes a friend

*How amazing the mechanics of aura truly are. its so mechanical and
technical it scared me!

*Design is extraordinarily lucid and acute in explaining the mechanics of
relationships, especially in my own family, and how
people/relationships/situations work, or don’t.

*finding out that… I am not supposed to initiate, yet my authority
(which is ego projected, so I hafta look to others for much of my decision
making process) is all about willpower, direction, and desire, and Yet I
have the design of initiation, but not in terms of initiating on my own
but of taking people through that initiatory membrane, that veil, the
“ring pass not…”

*the more I trust in my own process, the easier(initially) it gets.

* i have been a slave to others’ whims and thoughts my entire life, my own
willpower slowly being revealed in these moments

A Little Story…
I was once asked a question by a dear old friend who asked, “hey, this
whole ‘getting it’ thing. Once I get it and, y’know, see All That Is or
the answer or the deeper patterns, does it get any easier?

I laughed and said, ‘No it doesn’t. But, you become a bit more deft and
dexterous with handling the situations that arise, and the weirdness of
what it means to be human.

its just about being in your human-ness as much as you can stand.

More deeply tho, we are always taught to, suggested, and requested to
‘be yourself’.

-You know, s/he’ll like you a lot more if you just be yourself.
-If you were just yourself, people would get more of who you are.
-why you gotta try to be someone that you’re not? Why can’t you just be

But when if EVER, are we ever, EVER shown who we are. Is there a way to
tell… who you are?

Welcome to the Power of Human Design
this is literally the blueprint for taking repose into ‘yourself’.
I’m not gonna make any more claims tho. Just watch me, and my adventures
and the pudding will prove it to us.

but don’t take my word for it, try the experiment for yourself.

Because ultimately, Human Design has the capacity to give us that which
all the other disciplines promise as well….

Love Yourself