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quote for an open mind

December 4, 2007

Most people are other people.
their thoughts are
someone else’s opinion,
their lives a mimicry,
their passions a quotation

-Oscar Wilde

borrowed from razziphoto's blog

I know this is rough. but really if you have an open mind, then your thoughts are really the thoughts of someone else. try it out. I often come up with really cool inspirations, only to find that someone i know actually is already on it! One cool thing about it though is that, there are often times that a thought form is sitting there and hasn’t been picked up yet. If you respond to it then frikkin’ RUN WITH IT!

1. First, check to see if you have an open mind (from your chart).
2. put an idea in your head that you would like to explore
3. go to a coffeehouse or other similar place where you will be in close proximity to many people.
4. try to flesh that idea out while looking into your hot beverage, or the art on the walls
5. attempt to remain focussed for at least 5 minutes

see #1.
2. clear your mind completely
3. go to a coffeehouse or other similar place where you will be in close proximity to many people.
3.sit near someone who you can see what they are up to. like a brief glance at their computer screen, or what section of the paper, or the title/theme of the book they are reading.
4. sit there with your mind attempting to be blank.
5. watch/observe/sense what comes into your inner vision

let me know what happens!

where’d my motor go…?

December 2, 2007

So, if this shit ain’t real I dunno what is….

So, I am sitting at my computer plugging away being powered by my roommate who is a generator. He is ten feet away working on his own project. Our computers are about 10’ away from each other and we often find ourselves downstairs together working on stuff.
I am pounding away at my keyboard, getting’ it done… then I feel a disturbance in the force. I start to slow down. I get up, go over to him, and lo and behold he’s not working! He’s surfing! I poke him a little and roommatingly ask if he is done with his deadlined project. He says no. felt a little pressured, and lost his jutzpah around it. He then disappears upstairs. I then,
Check my tribe account
Fold some laundry
Go upstairs and fix a little nosh
And come back down and am NOT working on my project.
unplugged! what now…?

At all.

Lost my powersource. Wow. Uncanny