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Tito Teaches!

January 24, 2009

How do you choose/decide about questions and opportunities in your life?
• With your mind?
…and where’s that gotten you?
• With your intuition?
…and how do you know if its clear?
• How about using your strategy?

The keys to powerful living and happiness are rooted in the decisions we make. Do you trust your decisions? Do your decisions bring you happiness and satisfaction?

Do you know what to trust?
Has it been working?
What’s in the way?
How do you get it out of the way?
Flow in a life that is naturally yours

Your Design reveals your own internal authority and awakens your powerful decision maker that is already inside you!
Begin the experiment of discovering your authentic self, outside of and regardless of your upbringing, conditioning or programming. Scrape away the barnacles of conditioning and empower yourself with immense clarity!

Please join me as we embark on the most fun you can possibly have on two legs, and Learning about yourself, with me! I am a Jovian Archive, and HDA certified Human Design Guide. I know these waters just a little bit…

I know something about you, and want to tell you all about it!

I know something about you, and want to tell you all about it!

Living Your Design Weekend Intensive

During this discovery process you will get to know:
• how to strategically make decisions that are uniquely appropriate for you
• how others affect you, and to make that distinction
• and what openness and conditioning reveal for your comfort in life.
• How to maneuver more gracefully through your life
• with much less resistance and greater satisfaction.

Come away from the Living your Design’(LYD) seminar with:
• A renewed sense of Self
• A knowing of what works for you, and what does not
• Incredible relief from frustrations/bitterness/anger/cynicism
• How you have been conditioned, and how it affects you, specifically
• An Essential comprehension of Design
• Deeper self trust
• Appreciation of your uniqueness
• live your life on YOUR terms according to YOUR own true nature
• Practical daily practices for deconditioning yourself and empowerment

LYD Class in Portland AND Online:

What you need for the LYD class (live or online):
1. A foundation reading- from an analyst or an overview from Jovian
2. Living Your Design Textbook available from human design america
3. Sign up for the Intensive online!

Design gives us an essential truth:
Everything In life is about decision making. If you cannot make a decision as your Self, your true Self, then you will never be correct in this life. Never.

The mind has absolutely NOTHING to do with decision making!

um, never, EVER trust your mind again...

um, never, EVER trust your mind again...

Begins Jan 29th
-thru March 6th
thursday evenings 6:30PM-8:00PM PST
an hour and a half class every thursday evening
if you have web access, you can sign up from ANYWHERE in the WORLD!!!
register with Tito up to Jan 28th

Live LYD Seminar in Portland, OR
full weekend seminars
7:30-9:30 friday night intro
10-6:00 saturday (part 1)
11-6:00 sunday (part 2)
you only need to sign up for ONE of these weekends, don’t sweat it.

Dates for upcoming LYD seminars in Portland:
February 6-8
February 20-22
March 20-22
There’s nothing like being in aura for this seminar, really….
Tuition $275
(not including text)
(limit: 10 people each seminar offered)
* a Human Design overview reading from Jovian Archive, or a Foundational Reading by a Jovian Certified Analyst! see my referral network in the sidebar.
* pre-registration with Tito latest three days before the seminar
* Living your Design text- available from

Introduction to Strategic Living- What is Human Design?
Feb 4th
Feb 18th
March 18th
Mississippi district in Portland, OR
tuition $12
*come as you are!*

Projectors ONLY! (Boot camp for non-energy types)
Projectors are invited to Join me for a special study group every two weeks!
make incredible breakthroughs in how to correctly use your power as a projector. personal management and how to deal with being a non-energy type in a world that has no idea what you truly are…
Winter session begins Jan 28th!
Feb 11th & 25th
March 11th & 25th
5 powerful sessions are held in Portland, OR
per session $15.00
materials, exercises, and homework included!
one of the funnest and most insightful classes you could treat yourself to!
contact me directly for more information, email is great!

you can also cheq my fledgling HDS site!
and write to me from there…

please join me on this most incredible adventure of taking your life back from the Homogenizers!

I miss Ibiza….

January 11, 2009

I was just invited to join one of many Online Design Community thing on this morning. As I was adding pictures to my profile, I got the twinge.
the melancholy.
the longing.

ahhhhh, Ibiza. I miss it.
yes, the island, but moreso, the people.

my first encounter with the community. watch out!

my first encounter with the community. watch out!

Dharmen and Niersag speak about being reflectors

Dharmen and Niersag speak about being reflectors

Shots from Last yer’s Ibiza Event 2008

…and my first year 2007, this is my very first view of the Mediterranean Sea

My first view after traveling for a day and a half...

My first view after traveling for a day and a half...

Pics from my first Ibiza trip 2007

a misty spring morning in the Mediterranean

a misty spring morning in the Mediterranean

I am working hard at several projects, and getting my schedule finalized for this winter for LYD classes, and open houses, but the flavor of being immersed in Design on Ibiza, with a group of people who are totally committed to Design, is delicious!

To be committed to Design in as far as I have been able to glean, is to be committed to freeing people into themselves. There is a being inside of each of us, that Yearns to speak, to act, and to live, unfettered. To live in a way that a Leaf dances on the wind for the leaf knows that life is the wind and it completely trusts that the wind will dance it to its perfect place. To choose to be choiceless, to allow for our deepest self to manage the life we were given, for it knows all the right dance steps, and to bust a move to be in that freedom? ahhh that is Love….

the Love of the Self.

to be present with beings who are so delightful, engaging, and determined. and awfully sociable as well, it rather incredible! Living my Design is a process, its got its learning curves, and quagmires, and moments of brilliance, so worth it.

so worth it.

as with anything worth while, it takes a while…

to learn about it
to experiment with it
to apply it
to integrate it
to let it soak in
and to become myself

Heck, Design is about people anyway, isn’t it?!

its about ourselves giving of ourselves enough so that we give up who we think we are, and who we have scrambled to try and be from others, parents, teachers, role models, culture, peers, the playground, the locker room, the rehearsal stage, the couch in the living room at the party in middle school where we did that thing…

Ya! dis schtuff iz great! Live Your Design!

Ya! dis schtuff iz great! Live Your Design!

and forgiving ourselves for making silly decisions based on what our minds try to figure out. WHEW! Glad I have THAT one in my cross hairs!

I gave permission to people that were close to me and who knew my Design, to call me out and bring me clarity. Dangerous and exhilarating! To be in sight of the ways my mind freaks out on me and makes stupid decisions, or gets caught into running scenarios in my head about things that aren’t real, or as it obscures my will and clarity of direction with senseless chatter….

and it continues to this day.

BUT, I gotta say I got some tools now, and at times, I can catch the little bitch when it tries to take over again, and again, and again. Wresting control of one’s life to a paranoid construct that take truth for granted, requires dilligence and discipline.

that’s why I totally dig this stuff!

Men’s Group

January 7, 2009

I was invited a few months back to become a member of a men’s group. It has been a fantastic experience for me and I have been feeling stronger, and more myself, with the support of these men. After a quick nap to recover from the appointments for the day, I headed over for lively discussion and soup.
Soup? Yes, somehow we have a tradition now of chowing down some bitchin’ soup before we pass the talking stick. We meet every two weeks, and so its bread and heartiness for hearty men!

I had a great day of appointments and working on several projects, so I was feeling pretty relaxed and tuned up. I get to men’s group, sit down with my soup and bread, and suddenly I feel anxiety. Now, I check in with myself, and….

1) I had a great day,
2) feel good about what I have accomplished,
3) I have a pretty darn good relationship with these men,
4) I don’t have group/public anxiety,

So, I know this must be my Spidey Sense; otherwise known as; my openness or undefined centers. After all, I have 7 of 9 centers open….

my chart

I begin sniffing and checking. Its actually a very practical process, and soooo NON-woowoo.

I begin to sort through the auras in the room, b/c we are all sitting pretty close to each other. I can feel each of their signatures. chattery and churning minds, emotional waves, and steady root centers. I’m getting pretty adept at this b/c I have been meeting with these men for several months so far, and I know these men pretty well. Its kinda weird to describe, but since I have so little definition, my Spidey Sense has gotten pretty darn good. I check the guy on either side of me, and its not from either of them. skipping over them it gets a little garbled, so I figure I’m going to wait until the discussion reveals who has anxiety. I do feel specific pressure and its coming from somewhere off to my right, so I wait…

Then, the talking stick is passed, and he speaks.
He literally says, ‘ I have some anxiety around an issue, and I wanted to discuss it with you guys.’


Found it! sweet. Ahhh, I knew it wasn’t me, b/c I know what my own anxiety feels like, and it surely wasn’t what I was feeling.
hmmm, the power of auric interaction. Can’t help it, really. Since we all like to be around others, I think its more about developing an understanding of what is mine and what isn’t, and where I am being filled up by another. you hang out near someone, you will be in their aura, can’t help it. no foil dunce caps, or magnetic diffusers will help. This answered soooo many questions I had about being a chameleon around others. with so much openness, I literally became the other person I am hanging out with! their defined auras filled up my undefined places, and I get all jacked on whatever is tumbling around inside them at that moment.

its quite technical, really. Recognizing that each of the 9 centers has a quality about it, a feeling/sensation when it is Defined and when it is UNdefined, and noting how it feels.
I don’t hafta get out my beads, or center myself, or any of that other new age stuff, its simply me, knowing what I have and don’t, from my rave chart. THEN….

I can sit inside my own body, and know that the sensation is NOT me, or I can move away from them. we can only protect ourselves a little bit, the overlap is kinda crazy. Like two bubbles that are around 8′-10′ in diameter lacing into each other throughout the entire interaction…

8'-10' feet in ALL directions

8'-10' feet in ALL directions

He got his anxiety off his chest, and I know he did, b/c I felt so much better after he finished talking….
whew! and Men’s group rocked me, yet again. thanks boys!

New Year’s Resolve

January 7, 2009

So, this afternoon I was conferring with Kelly and getting it together here in Portland, for teaching the ‘Living your Design’ (LYD) workshops for the next three months. Paper shuffling, calls made, and promotions to be slung, are well under way. I have found that this weekend workshop is one of the best ways to enter into getting to know your Design.
Once you get your initial reading, be it an overview or a full foundational reading from an analyst, so many questions arise! this workshop answers many of those questions. Getting to know my Design is literally a lifelong journey, and it has to begin somewheres, and We all need help with new information. Now I’ve been chipping away at my Notself for over four years, and I hafta say that I still return, on a daily basis to the ‘pass, dribble, shoot’ foundational concepts that I learned from my LYD class.
It is my resolve to make my self available as a Human Design Guide, and to make this incredible information available to people and assist them as they get started on the journey of a lifetime. I have to say that my life has changed so much as a result of Design, that I am so much more fun to hang out with, am less pushy (love my projectorness), I find more satisfaction in my life, and feel so much better about how I make decisions, that it gets me all giggly most of the time. Living my Design makes me feel Living my Design makes me feel

So, I’ll be putting up a whole lot more info about my upcoming classes here lickety split, and please feel free to email me if you are interested in investing in yourself through the workshop. The is the launching pad for peace, satisfaction, recognition and just a nice big exhale around finding out the truth about ourselves.

Stay tuned! soooo much more to come!