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Post Game Recap

February 23, 2009

This past weekend was Incredible.

Everybody wins in this game!

Everybody wins in this game!

I have completed teaching an LYD class (Living Your Design) with a small crew of eager students. They were completely blown away and very geared up for getting Strategic with their lives. I am filled with such gratitude for them and their contribution, willingness, and authentic inquiry. this stuff ain’t easy. not by one little bit.
Its kinda like having a large spotlight streaming into your house, the house you have been living in with no electric lights, and have kinda figured out where the furniture and tools and all that stuff that we use in our live are, by bumping into them enough times… and groping around in…
then, BLAMMO! the light shines in on EVERYTHING!

a light in the dark...

a light in the dark...

The more I share this work and knowledge with people the more Glints I see in their eyes, and the more jaws clatter to the ground. The votes are in. We giggled, guffaw’d, gasped, and sometimes sat with gaped jaw as we were witness to how Design brings a lucidity to our essential nature. It was brilliant.

Its clear.
It works.

And Its simply mechanics. its the mechanics of what works for your unique imprint, and what doesn’t! Its the mechanics of how energy moves(or not!) through your body, your life and others. Its about the mechanics of how other people, society and the transit field affect/condition/program each and every one of us.

Not as tho we are machines (far from it!), but there is a specific way that form interacts with other form. Each form(person) has a unique function/purpose/contract to fulfill while breathing and moving, and Design shows mechanically what that is. Its actually rather intricate and can be very subtle, but there is a specific way that all the life that we live moves through us, and echoes out into the world.Its not Esoteric. its mechanical. I hafta say though, when we look at how some of these interactions play out, they often take on a glow of esoteric, miraculous even, but essentially logical and full of ‘ah ha!’ moments.

One of the deepest (and often weirdest!) aspects of the experiment of Design is to get through the conditioning and the pushiness that we are all programmed to move through the world with. Living in a world that teaches/conditions/ and memes us into being pushy, grabby, greedy, and reachy, is literally exhausting and very frustrating.

‘no pain, no gain’-‘go for the brass ring’- ‘reach up and catch a shooting star’-‘initiative is what powers empires’
All Incorrect.

My students began their awakening, with a fascination, dedication, and hunger that I rarely see. the tools I imparted to them gave them a chance to see the world in a completely different way…
One filled with paradox and empty of judgment
A life of less resistance and more satisfaction
Relationships of less confusion and more clarity
Self love based on truth and grace

All the mechanics are right here...

All the mechanics are right here...

I give them kudos, b/c as adults, to decondition our minds from being the decision makers, to trusting an entirely different compass, can be challenging. They so thought they had it figured out about decision making, then found out that there was an ENTIRELY different way to go about it. But, i must admit, we are sooooo not as pliable as we think ourselves to be.
I am glad they are beginning to trust themselves and their own authority, not the stuff they’ve been taught.
Happy getting your sea legs students! thank you so much, and for being my teacher as well.

While teaching the class, many aspects of awakening returned to my awareness, and I have been just as blown away by the work we have done. I hope I may remain as available so that I continue to grow in this incredible knowledge, and mechanics, so that I can be the best passenger and allow my nature to navigate. Heck, what could I end up with, a helluva lot less resistance!