Day 2

when you got it, its beautiful!

when you got it, its beautiful!

I’m on a bender. not like the usual bender. I’m calling it a bender b/c Its like I’m obsessed. I made up my mind two days ago, to truly and deeply cultivate my willpower and my direction. its all I have for definition so… I’m going to dive in. I have worked so diligently for the past 5 years to clear my aura of conditioning, and not like it will ever truly be clear, but it feels like I can sense much more when I am being filled up by or bridged by another. So now its my turn.

I’m diving into what I actually have as myself what I can count on and what is considered reliable in my chart. I have been waiting for this for a while. sinking my teeth into my own true Self.

As best I have been able to find so far, aside from waiting for the invitation I have not really seen or been made aware of the steps of the deconditioning process as discerned form the material in Design. I have some ideas and some of what has worked for me so far, and I will share that with you. Be mindful tho, I am a prjector, and these processes may not be the same for all types. it is Tito’s progress after all isn’t it?

the two centers i actually DO have defined:
(info taken from the UK’s Human Design Website)
Heart/Ego- The smallest centre in the bodygraph, it is, deceptively, a very powerful motor which drives will power and ego power. Unlike the other three motors, it cannot be pressurized by the root centre, as there is no channel connecting the two.
It has very important biological significance as the four gates coming from the heart centre relate directly to the physical heart itself, the somach, the thymus gland and the gall bladder.
It theme is all about surviving in the material plane in established communities.

G center- This centre has two themes: love and direction. Hidden within this centre is the mysterious Magnetic Monopole that holds us together in the illusion of our separation and it keeps pulling, in that sense it is about love. It’s secondary function is to give us our trajectory in life, our movement in space, in that sense it is about direction. The G Centre is the centre of our identity it is about a sense (or lack) of identity. Its biological attribute is the liver and the blood.

if you want to get more into your strategy and a authority you can try out what I am going to be sharing with you and then let me know how it works out for ya!

Tomorrow I will begin to share some of the processes and techniques that have arisen in my awakenings as a Projector…

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  1. Kathy Deshotels Says:

    Thanks, I appreciate the info.

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