Day 3- Begin the Beguine

well now! I awoke slightly tired and with drymouth due to the snot/allergy laden nose not letting a single air molecule in thru my schnoozle. Other than that its been a good start. I was going to go berry picking this morning, but realized that would be a flake off thing and so am at a coffeehouse getting mailing lists together for my work/love, and necessary errands that involve a bit of hoop jumping and little stickers for license plates. and writing to you.

during my walk this morning I just didn’t have much to say. Just a morning of contemplation that my world is shifting ever so slightly. ever so slightly.
 3 is a magic number

What I am working on is this thing I call Buffing. Very crucial for a projector. We won’t be as readily noticed unless we buff. We are containers for the energies of others, and guides for their direction as well as our own. If my energy is clear and clean, I am available to manage with integrity, and more readily recognizable. So, now I buff.

I can totally work on myself, through my own definition, what I DO have in my chart, and cultivate these attributes. This comes only after clearing( talked about later). I find nothing wrong with inviting others to respond to how it is I am showing up. This helps me to FIND OUT HOW I AM DOING. Since I am here to know myself through the power and clarity with which others respond to me, logic and mechanics shows me that I if am operating correctly, then the correct people show up and feel comfortable and at ease around me.

Now, back to buffing.
Its perfect, really. Now that I have cleared out and know when someone/thing is conditioning me, I can now focus on me, myself and I. I buff for me, and what I am capable of, not in any particular direction or for anyone in particular. I find it fascinating that once I decided to embark on this journey of buffing, my phone has stopped ringing. I get like 1-20 calls a day. It just dropped to like two or three. Nice way for the ambient structure to free me up so I can really focus on me! Sweet.

yeha, kinda like this!

yeha, kinda like this!

Important point: if you are a projector and consider buffing, PLEASE be sure you are doing it for you and yourself alone. If you buff in a particular direction, or for a specific job or person, in order to gain their favor, you are not buffing. You are angling your way into a mess. You aren’t doing for yourself, its for someone else who may not be correct for you. Forgetaboutit! Focus on what you do have for definition and what is reliable in your chart, and work that, regardless of what others may think. Most people aren’t even aware of what is correct or not correct for themselves, so they aren’t even very clear in themselves anyway.

I can invite others, and seek response from the energy of others as long as my inquiry is rooted and founded in my own clarity of my own authority. Ahhh, there it is! Authority. Mine is based in my Ego and my sense of self, so I cheq in around my will. That which compels me. The will is a deep inner knowing, a form of drive that has the power to drive my vehicle, as long as I can focus the energy, rather than splaying it all over the place, very indicative of our species. That which I know to be true inside myself, as close to response as a non-energy type can get to response. I have taken all the flamboyance and awesomeness, and focused into this lens of will. It doesn’t mean I can’t be looking good or being totally clutch in my awesomeness, I kinda hafta be, just my own. Nothing has apparently come out the other side yet, but I am diligent, without attachement, and have no hope for any result. Just diving in like my 25/51 tells me to.

Yep, its weird. Its very unlike the ‘law of attraction’ or any of those other ‘goal setting workshop’ criteria’s dictate. It’s a whole other way to do it. Its Human Design. The genes know what to do, and how to do it. We just hafta get the heck outta the way…

2 Responses to “Day 3- Begin the Beguine”

  1. cosmo Says:

    Hi Tito,

    Love your blog. Love that it is so personal. You take the abstraction out of Human Design and make it real. Thanks for letting us all follow your progress!

    –A 3/5 Manifestor Fan, deciding in the Now with her Splenic authority to make this comment on your blog.

  2. cosmo Says:

    P.S.l I’m a newbie in Human Design, but am also using blogging as part of my exploration of it.

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