a bit of a why

SO, in the Human Design System, I am a 3/5 projector with single definition. I have only one channel- the 25/51.

yep lingo. every system’s got it…

uh, WHAAAAT?!! Whut the hell does all that stuff mean? Well if you wanna cheq back in or subscribe to this blog you can follow my adventures as I learn more and more about the system known as Human Design. I am currently immersed in studies tracked for me to become an HDS analyst within the next two(2) years.

This here blog is a way for me to get the information I learn out so I can kinda air my thoughts and observations and experiences as I live my design and develop acuity around my strategy.

The title of the blog came as an inspiration from my dear friend Mal. He suggested that I start doing radio segments on the JAM Player
as a way to monitor and reflect on my progress in Design. I said, ‘hey isn’t there a book called Pilgrim’s Progress?’ Why yes! Its an allegorical tale about a man on the journey of faith in christianity. Well, I am not as poetic, nor are the names of the people I meet as interesting or blatant as the 17th century tale, but it is quickly becoming JUST as exciting. So was born the acoustic story of Tito’s Progress on Jovian Archive Radio, but herein lies the story of me finding myself (or not) through Human Design.

One Response to “a bit of a why”

  1. heathrow Says:

    thank you so much for this
    it all makes sense
    but as humans our understanding can be fleeting
    the trick is to be enlightened all of the time
    or more than we are in the dark

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