I’ll show you mine…

So, Here is my chart if ya wanna have a lookit me!

3/5 projector
3- oh bumping into things, never making a mistake, b/c I can always chalk it up to experience, and….
5- knowing what the problem iz, AND how to solve it!

my chart

single definition- whew!

no inner authority- woah, thatz a bit of phun! Ego projected, so I gotta cheq in with people and get some reflection. not to mention I just like to hear the sound of my own voice b/c I don’t really knwo what I’m saying until it comes out!

25/51 anyone need help moving through some serious shiznit? I’m your tour guide.

Oh, and if you is a generator that responds to my chart? drop me a note! I’mma pretty good management/accomplice when asked to join in your escapades/ventures/hijinks.

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