Projectors invite each other!

all we need is a good screen!

all we need is a good screen!

Wednesday 7:59 PM,

From Jessica
Subject: 3/5 Projector Questions

My name is Jessica and I’m new to Human Design. I’m a 3/5 Projector with all open centers except for my spleen and my root.
I’m not sure what to make of this. Can you recommend a book I can buy to explain this in more depth. It’d be nice to find one that addresses the 3/5 Projector.

Thank you so much!
My love,


Saturday 1:53 pm

My Reply…
Subject: Re: 3/5 Projector Questions

Hi Jessica,

No, there aren’t any mainstream books out yet, I am a 3/5 projector so I can give you much insight, from my own journey.
You are what’s called a splenic projector. Let me look into a few things around your chart and I will get back to you with a little more to chew on. until then check out my blog titled ‘simple’ if you haven’t already.

be well,


Sat, 7:11 PM

Volley from Jessica-(projectors are never easy!)
Subject: one more time

Sorry. One more question.

Is it our design to search out information and reorganize it into a more effective technique?

I looked at your Dynamic Balancing website- which seems to be an integration of different healing practices.
I’m doing the same with yoga, art and different movement practices. Finding the holes and creating a new… blob of awesomeness. 🙂

It’s hard for me NOT to find the holes in the practice.
Do you feel the same?
Hope I don’t bog you down.


Monday, 11:34 pm

Tito Volleys
Subject: Re: one more time.Re: 3/5 Projector Questions

Hi Jess,

Damn, I have too many frikkin’ email addresses! whew, I found you and was like, omg, dude!

so, in answer to your latest question:
There is a fine line here. IF what you are doing is part of what makes your heart sing and you feel as though it is what you are up to personally, then yes, go about it, and recombine. We as projectors(esp. 3/5’s) to find the holes and reorganize, BUT here’s the dealio…
Its sooo important that the work you be doing is for yourself, and your own projects, and be mindful to not intrude on and fix others in the meantime unless they ask you/invite you. if they join you as a result of witnessing what it is that you are up to FOR YOURSELF, then they have invited you by showing up. People showing up at a class is an invitation, totally!

if you are doing it for yourself, its what I call ‘buffing’. Pjctrs are shiny people, with lots to share, but unless we are taking care of ourselves by doing cool stuff for ourselves(the buffing) then we are just sitting around and no one knows what the heck we are good for. That along with taking the time and effort it takes to scoop out all the conditioning of our open centers, which is truly the first imperative, then you get a better idea of what is you and what isn’t. then you can better make choices, outside of the spleen’s quick safety answers. As long as what you are up to makes your own heart sing and you are not doing it for anyone in particular but yourself, then you can call that buffing, its about taking care of yourself. Inside of the buffing action is cheqing to be sure you aren’t ‘buffing’ to prove something to someone else, or to impress another, b/c then its about them and not about you, and your own internal process and awakening. that’s a toughie in our culture, no doubt about it.

If you are out and about fixing people and=2 0offering advice, then you are intruding upon, and initiating. don’t fix unless asked to, b/c then you are sapping energy form others in order to show off, as it were. Or, you can do a sly move that goes something like this…

To Self, ‘they probably have no idea that I can help them, so I will just ask if they are having difficulties, or ask them about the gist of the situation, and see where it goes.”

To the other, ‘Hey looks like you are having an issue. wanna talk about it a little bit? Maybe vent a little?’ then you can ease your way in and have them ask you to help them. then its an invitation. kinda slick I know, but as long as you can have them realize energetically that you can contribute to them, then they will want to ask you/invite. Its a weird caveat in this culture since we can’t yet walk around with badges or buttons that identify us as projectors, so we can suss the sitch, see if we want to choose that battle, then cheq in and see if we get invited to contribute/assist/fix/empower.

its a fine line, or can be. with some nuance. be mindful.

Hope that helps!



Tuesday 7:54 AM

From Jessica
Hi Tito,

So… what about marketing? If I create something and then say “Hey! Come see what I made!” I’m inviting. But if they accept, that’s OK?

I’m going to graduate school for a Masters in Social Work so that I can be a counselor. Good idea???
People are inviting me to help them- right?

Thank you so much for your LONG post.
It’s awesome. Helps a lot.
Hope you are well!

P.S. I think I’m on the right path now. I’ve been scooping and buffing. 🙂


Wednesday morning 8:43

From Tito
Subject: marketing
its more about you being invited/given power/energy and to manage and guide people and situations. Its about decision making ultimately. and the strategy of a projector is mostly configured around whether or not someone has given you their energy or you have co opted it. muscling one’s way into a situation rather than being asked. the other has to want to have us there, and if they do, and ask a projector, then we have access to an unbelievable amount of power from the other. if we take it or are pushy, then its always a battle for recognition and acknowledgment and we exhaust ourselves chasing after motivational support. We have penetrating auras, which is why a lot of people get intimate with us really quickly. its actually us getting intimate with them!
you may invite others, of course. As long as what you are doing is for your own work and pleasure, well buffed as it were. Projectors can invite each other, and that gets interesting as well!

Ultimately the invitation boils down to a form of recognition. that’s all we need as projectors, its a deep form of energy that sees us as the special beings that we are, and says, ‘hey you are wanted and needed in the world, and we value your contribution. what do you have for us?’



One Response to “Projectors invite each other!”

  1. Brenda Says:

    I am a projector 3/5’s and am kind of at a loss about this whole thing. I feel that ive always kind of forced myself into situations and am always too willing to help. Its so hard for me to say no when i feel that i have the ability to do something. I would LOVE some feedback about my chart because as i said, im at a loss about fully understanding my chart and my self.
    Brenda 🙂

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