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Tito Teaches!

January 24, 2009

How do you choose/decide about questions and opportunities in your life?
• With your mind?
…and where’s that gotten you?
• With your intuition?
…and how do you know if its clear?
• How about using your strategy?

The keys to powerful living and happiness are rooted in the decisions we make. Do you trust your decisions? Do your decisions bring you happiness and satisfaction?

Do you know what to trust?
Has it been working?
What’s in the way?
How do you get it out of the way?
Flow in a life that is naturally yours

Your Design reveals your own internal authority and awakens your powerful decision maker that is already inside you!
Begin the experiment of discovering your authentic self, outside of and regardless of your upbringing, conditioning or programming. Scrape away the barnacles of conditioning and empower yourself with immense clarity!

Please join me as we embark on the most fun you can possibly have on two legs, and Learning about yourself, with me! I am a Jovian Archive, and HDA certified Human Design Guide. I know these waters just a little bit…

I know something about you, and want to tell you all about it!

I know something about you, and want to tell you all about it!

Living Your Design Weekend Intensive

During this discovery process you will get to know:
• how to strategically make decisions that are uniquely appropriate for you
• how others affect you, and to make that distinction
• and what openness and conditioning reveal for your comfort in life.
• How to maneuver more gracefully through your life
• with much less resistance and greater satisfaction.

Come away from the Living your Design’(LYD) seminar with:
• A renewed sense of Self
• A knowing of what works for you, and what does not
• Incredible relief from frustrations/bitterness/anger/cynicism
• How you have been conditioned, and how it affects you, specifically
• An Essential comprehension of Design
• Deeper self trust
• Appreciation of your uniqueness
• live your life on YOUR terms according to YOUR own true nature
• Practical daily practices for deconditioning yourself and empowerment

LYD Class in Portland AND Online:

What you need for the LYD class (live or online):
1. A foundation reading- from an analyst or an overview from Jovian
2. Living Your Design Textbook available from human design america
3. Sign up for the Intensive online!

Design gives us an essential truth:
Everything In life is about decision making. If you cannot make a decision as your Self, your true Self, then you will never be correct in this life. Never.

The mind has absolutely NOTHING to do with decision making!

um, never, EVER trust your mind again...

um, never, EVER trust your mind again...

Begins Jan 29th
-thru March 6th
thursday evenings 6:30PM-8:00PM PST
an hour and a half class every thursday evening
if you have web access, you can sign up from ANYWHERE in the WORLD!!!
register with Tito up to Jan 28th

Live LYD Seminar in Portland, OR
full weekend seminars
7:30-9:30 friday night intro
10-6:00 saturday (part 1)
11-6:00 sunday (part 2)
you only need to sign up for ONE of these weekends, don’t sweat it.

Dates for upcoming LYD seminars in Portland:
February 6-8
February 20-22
March 20-22
There’s nothing like being in aura for this seminar, really….
Tuition $275
(not including text)
(limit: 10 people each seminar offered)
* a Human Design overview reading from Jovian Archive, or a Foundational Reading by a Jovian Certified Analyst! see my referral network in the sidebar.
* pre-registration with Tito latest three days before the seminar
* Living your Design text- available from

Introduction to Strategic Living- What is Human Design?
Feb 4th
Feb 18th
March 18th
Mississippi district in Portland, OR
tuition $12
*come as you are!*

Projectors ONLY! (Boot camp for non-energy types)
Projectors are invited to Join me for a special study group every two weeks!
make incredible breakthroughs in how to correctly use your power as a projector. personal management and how to deal with being a non-energy type in a world that has no idea what you truly are…
Winter session begins Jan 28th!
Feb 11th & 25th
March 11th & 25th
5 powerful sessions are held in Portland, OR
per session $15.00
materials, exercises, and homework included!
one of the funnest and most insightful classes you could treat yourself to!
contact me directly for more information, email is great!

you can also cheq my fledgling HDS site!
and write to me from there…

please join me on this most incredible adventure of taking your life back from the Homogenizers!

Men’s Group

January 7, 2009

I was invited a few months back to become a member of a men’s group. It has been a fantastic experience for me and I have been feeling stronger, and more myself, with the support of these men. After a quick nap to recover from the appointments for the day, I headed over for lively discussion and soup.
Soup? Yes, somehow we have a tradition now of chowing down some bitchin’ soup before we pass the talking stick. We meet every two weeks, and so its bread and heartiness for hearty men!

I had a great day of appointments and working on several projects, so I was feeling pretty relaxed and tuned up. I get to men’s group, sit down with my soup and bread, and suddenly I feel anxiety. Now, I check in with myself, and….

1) I had a great day,
2) feel good about what I have accomplished,
3) I have a pretty darn good relationship with these men,
4) I don’t have group/public anxiety,

So, I know this must be my Spidey Sense; otherwise known as; my openness or undefined centers. After all, I have 7 of 9 centers open….

my chart

I begin sniffing and checking. Its actually a very practical process, and soooo NON-woowoo.

I begin to sort through the auras in the room, b/c we are all sitting pretty close to each other. I can feel each of their signatures. chattery and churning minds, emotional waves, and steady root centers. I’m getting pretty adept at this b/c I have been meeting with these men for several months so far, and I know these men pretty well. Its kinda weird to describe, but since I have so little definition, my Spidey Sense has gotten pretty darn good. I check the guy on either side of me, and its not from either of them. skipping over them it gets a little garbled, so I figure I’m going to wait until the discussion reveals who has anxiety. I do feel specific pressure and its coming from somewhere off to my right, so I wait…

Then, the talking stick is passed, and he speaks.
He literally says, ‘ I have some anxiety around an issue, and I wanted to discuss it with you guys.’


Found it! sweet. Ahhh, I knew it wasn’t me, b/c I know what my own anxiety feels like, and it surely wasn’t what I was feeling.
hmmm, the power of auric interaction. Can’t help it, really. Since we all like to be around others, I think its more about developing an understanding of what is mine and what isn’t, and where I am being filled up by another. you hang out near someone, you will be in their aura, can’t help it. no foil dunce caps, or magnetic diffusers will help. This answered soooo many questions I had about being a chameleon around others. with so much openness, I literally became the other person I am hanging out with! their defined auras filled up my undefined places, and I get all jacked on whatever is tumbling around inside them at that moment.

its quite technical, really. Recognizing that each of the 9 centers has a quality about it, a feeling/sensation when it is Defined and when it is UNdefined, and noting how it feels.
I don’t hafta get out my beads, or center myself, or any of that other new age stuff, its simply me, knowing what I have and don’t, from my rave chart. THEN….

I can sit inside my own body, and know that the sensation is NOT me, or I can move away from them. we can only protect ourselves a little bit, the overlap is kinda crazy. Like two bubbles that are around 8′-10′ in diameter lacing into each other throughout the entire interaction…

8'-10' feet in ALL directions

8'-10' feet in ALL directions

He got his anxiety off his chest, and I know he did, b/c I felt so much better after he finished talking….
whew! and Men’s group rocked me, yet again. thanks boys!

New Year’s Resolve

January 7, 2009

So, this afternoon I was conferring with Kelly and getting it together here in Portland, for teaching the ‘Living your Design’ (LYD) workshops for the next three months. Paper shuffling, calls made, and promotions to be slung, are well under way. I have found that this weekend workshop is one of the best ways to enter into getting to know your Design.
Once you get your initial reading, be it an overview or a full foundational reading from an analyst, so many questions arise! this workshop answers many of those questions. Getting to know my Design is literally a lifelong journey, and it has to begin somewheres, and We all need help with new information. Now I’ve been chipping away at my Notself for over four years, and I hafta say that I still return, on a daily basis to the ‘pass, dribble, shoot’ foundational concepts that I learned from my LYD class.
It is my resolve to make my self available as a Human Design Guide, and to make this incredible information available to people and assist them as they get started on the journey of a lifetime. I have to say that my life has changed so much as a result of Design, that I am so much more fun to hang out with, am less pushy (love my projectorness), I find more satisfaction in my life, and feel so much better about how I make decisions, that it gets me all giggly most of the time. Living my Design makes me feel Living my Design makes me feel

So, I’ll be putting up a whole lot more info about my upcoming classes here lickety split, and please feel free to email me if you are interested in investing in yourself through the workshop. The is the launching pad for peace, satisfaction, recognition and just a nice big exhale around finding out the truth about ourselves.

Stay tuned! soooo much more to come!

Gettin’ Power’d UP!

April 17, 2008

This stuff really works!

So, I am out with a friend the other night, and we are talking about Human Design, He wanted an overview reading and we’d been waiting a while to get together, just to get some face time as well. We’re hanging out, trying to get into the ‘mood’ to talk about Design. Even lubricated with a dirty vodka martini and some really good happy hour food, still it’s a bit challenging. I can’t find my groove. I am ramping up and getting into it, but its not really working out, my thoughts are kinda fragmented, and i get off track and we bot get distracted. Both he and I are projectors, by the by, and so even when we’re together we’re not really ‘powered’ as it were.
Then, a friend of his(we’re in a restaurant at which he used to work) came over and sat down with us for a little visit while she was on break. I got excited, and started talking, east coast style! fast and concise and on a run! then she leaves to go back to her shift. and we kinda coasted back into the conversation, and foundered a bit more, but we were getting it done. I was almost satisfied with what I was sharing, but it still felt a little empty.

She comes back about a half hour later, informs us she’s off for the evening, so we invite her to sit with us. Off I GO again! talking a mile a minute, focused and sharing all kinds of cool stories and getting a lot across about Design in the overview with my friend, and a whole lotta other stuff too…
In the middle of this second conversation (with the added party) I say to him, “I bet you she’s a Manifesting Generator, and that
A) she’s got sacral definition, which means when she’s around she’ll be powering us up (the sacral is a motor of life force), and
B) that she has a defined throat, which means that who ever doesn’t have a defined throat(yours truly) will be talking a mile a minute, ’bout all kinds of stuff. And she just gets to sit there and soak it in.

well, after me talking my face off for another 40 minutes, and them both sitting there completely enthralled, I start to notice that I am getting tired. I remember again that my suspicions about being powered by her are most likely true, and I tell them both that I must cease, or I will burn out. Being very satisfied with his reading, and she well informed about bodywork modalities and a whole lot of other miscellaneous topics, they both agree that I can shut up now.
We pay the bill and egress into the cool night air. I remind him again of my suspicions of her design, and albeit he doesn’t quite understand everything I am speaking about, he logs it.

Its uncanny. I get an email from her the next day, run her chart, and there it is….

Everything I presumed!

Now, he and I are both projectors; he’s a mental one and I am ego and G defined.



But the dynamic of her simply being present powered the whole process. She barely said very much the whole time, but she id say, “I’m just going to sit here and absorb what’s happening, don’t bother with me so much.”
Which of course, is a PERFECT description of a generator’s aura.

She’s go the sacral defined. the red square, the life force center, the powerhouse of vitality, and she also has the throat. the sacral is connected to the throat, up the left and through the G center (the yellow lozenge) so its powered by the sacral even though its a roundabout route. He has his throat defined as well, but its not powered by a motor, its connected to his conceptual center, but there’s not really power behind it. She’s the one that made is all go zoooooom. I have no definition in my throat at all, and I am usually the one speaking, as are other people who’s throats are undefined, they are the ones who end of blabbing all over the place, speaking what is not theirs, being powered by a defined throat in someone else!

Yep. I got powered, he got a killer overview, and we got to see the mechanics of aura in action. She’s going to be very excited about her reading, I can feel it.

And that’s the truth!


March 14, 2008

I am hereby completely set and locked in to going on my annual visit to Ibiza for the Ibiza event. I have been a basket case for at least two weeks, trying to get this thing sorted. whether or not to go, if this was right/correct and logistical elements that were and are unsteady at best. Locked in, I just noticed that, and now I find that I have chosen it. Do we choose? yes, we always choose, its just how much we own what we choose…
perhaps its my paranoid 3/5 profile… i dunno.

As you know I am steeping myself in Human Design as a perspective for making choices and self awareness. I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin and turned my eye towards my life, my alliances and relationships, with more fascination. It’s hella fun and a fabulous experiment.

This year I am on staff for video shooting the entire event, interviews, candids, environmental shots, and shooting for a live web cast of Lectures with Ra.(no I didn’t do this one)
here is a video about his encounter.

Looks like another working vacation for me, only with less dust. the event is about 10-14 days of lectures and workshops and gatherings of people from all over the world who work with Design. It is the intention of Jovian archive to develop a television broadcast component, seeing as they already have a daily radio show. I helped with shooting last year, and I have been invited back, now with full gear and lights, rather than the jury rig we used last year. it wasn’t a bad rig and we made it work, but we’re stepping up our game. I love working with these folks because they are all so present and willing and supportive of this work and the opportunities that can come with seeking and revealing ourselves. Great partying as well!
it is still the off season on Ibiza, and the island is sleepy with locals sitting calmly in cafes soaking up the last bits of peace, before the ‘European adult Disneyland’ opens after easter. Easter in catholic countries is fascinating, the ceremonies are intricate and embedded with the history, pain and elation of the beliefs. Add that to island living, and you have a recipe for amazing times.

here’s a little recap from last year

Projector notes:
I have been delving deeper and deeper into what it means to be a projector. The tag line for us is ‘to know ourselves through the other’. as for the term projector, we see ourselves when we can speak with others about what is going on in our hearts and what ideas are swirling around in our psyche. Its simple really, projectors get to spill ourselves out on other people(whom we trust) and just by simply hearing ourselves speak, by noticing the reactions and responses from the person across the table, we begin to actually recognize ourselves. it is a form of projection, but not as it is typically understood. If we are, as projectors, being correct there is an ease and a sense of openness in the people that surround us. the power we have is literally given to us by others, when we are invited to participate, asked to join, offered a position, or smiled at in a way that asks us to come in.the invitation.

the invitation comes with a bonus for us. the bonus is that if its correct, then whoever it is that invited us recognized us as well. We’re so damn good at it, we know how to handle and how to roll it out, its just we need someone to offer us the power pack to do it so we aren’t exhausted, or feel obligated afterwards. To be seen, and acknowledged is paramount to projectors. Yes, everyone wants to be noticed, but most people just want to have a deeper level of satisfaction in their lives. Projectors need to be recognized for their skill and ability, whatever that may be, and asked to join in. then they can jam all night long!

So, for the past two months I have been taking a certification class to teach a beginner level program…
I am looking forward to teaching a class on it every month upon my return home from the event. the class will be ‘Living Your Design’ an introduction to the strategies for living through the lens of Human Design. I’ll post my schedule for teaching upon my return from the island. every month for a while.

that and a monthly class on my bodywork modalities, and maybe a layman’s massage class too. perhaps a couples caring for another class as well?

Walkie talkie stuff:
Know where I can find a 5 piece headset intercom system? I need it for the video production.
booth, tech and camera operators. any leads? Rent for three weeks or purchase perhaps?

I will blog.

From the Source. a Webcast of Ra

March 7, 2008

Participate in Ra’s lecture series, from the comfort of your own home.

Every year for five years running there is the Annual Ibiza event. HD peeps form all over the world come and meet up and share news, do workshops, and party.
my first sight of the Mediterranean sea
This year, the 6th event we’ll be providing an opportunity for people interested in Design.
Lectures with Ra will be webcast.
every day from5pm-7pm
March 22-31st.

this is an opportunity like no other. Its like being there only without the expense and the travel.
Want to get a little feel for the
Ibiza experience?

sign up for the webcast Lecture series here

This is truly not to be missed.

Inner Authority crack’d open

February 26, 2008

Its been a wriggling week. My soul is wriggling in my body. Not pleasant. It wants out. Before, I could sort through uncertainties and confoundings, coming smoothly out the other side, with a little bit of surrender. But this time, it’s a doozie.

About three weeks ago I got several sessions of Matrix Energetics, and haven’t been the same since. That combined with a very important legal issue persisting to remain unresolved, getting slammed with incredible exercises from my rave psychologist about desire and transference, add a dash of late night staying up, and bake at lunar eclipse temperature for one week, and here I am.

After the Matrix Energetics session, I got up off the couch and looked around, wild eyed. And said to Janean, ‘This life I have is not mine. Oh my god I have been living someone else’s life. I have no idea what it is to live my life, but I gotta get out of this one, its not mine!’

Authority. Its clear like morning sun in the window across the breakfast table. As you sit and finger the handle on your coffee mug, you put your hand on the table and feel the warmth. Except the the warmth is inside.
I prefer to call it my inner compass. There are several forms of inner authority and one of the main themes in Design is to work with this, hand in hand with strategy. Emotional, splenic, sacral, ego, self projected, et cetera. Each with its own gestalt. Still it comes from the inside, from a place only each of us can discover. We have been living for so long with our decision making constraints coming from the outside; from church or synagogue, family or lack of, lineage or tribal, culture or indoctrination. If you want to be a good ‘insert classification here’ you hafta ‘behavior’.

I have come face to face with what I am. afraid to step. It is me, to step steadily off the platform. It is me to jump, tucking my knees into a cannonball. It is me to dare.
I’ve always played it safe, been told that there will be another chance.
‘There will be a next time, don’t worry it will come around again.’
Ya know what? There never has been, ‘another time’.

Gosh, I am really kinda pissed. I don’t have a ‘play it safe’ gene. But I have been acting as if I have one my entire life.
I feel my ego based authority as a movement, from the inside that is not ‘figured out’. It’s just there. It knows, and tells me. I don’t even have to ask. Technically, it comes from the G and the Heart, and has a predictive certainty about it. Its almost like it answers before I even ask. Its different from being powered by a generator, or invited, that is a specific amount of energy and like a manual that you have to read and then its over, with a finality about it. Guiding an energy type is like being pushed on a swing, or having your thoughts suddenly moving in another direction, then they smile at you and off you go.

No, Its not like I’m going to become a extreme sports addict, or go out and buy a squirrel suit, but I wouldn’t put it past me.

That has been sitting in my stomach like a bad burrito for three weeks now…

And my inner authority, my ego based authority wants to speak. I have no more choice.

No Choice. Believe it or not, that is quite a relief…

Hello Lovelies!

November 15, 2007

yep here I am in California! I have been immersed in the Human Design System(HDS) for over a week now and have been traveling in some Very Interesting places. I must say, I have a penchant for complicated and intricate things, and this is turning out to be soooo much simpler than I could possibly imagine!


Here’s what I have learned so far…

*the magic of being correctly invited into a situation, and how easy the
energy moves. and for me being a projector, its pretty intrinsic to my
longevity and happiness

*how uncomfortable it is to push and initiate when I’m not supposed to

*paradox is inherent in our lives and actually an important part of the
human experience, not to mention it takes ENORMOUS pressure off of
expectations. ex: “it could happen, or not…”

*surrender is Sooo much harder than we think, but once ya get used to it,
the unknown becomes a friend

*How amazing the mechanics of aura truly are. its so mechanical and
technical it scared me!

*Design is extraordinarily lucid and acute in explaining the mechanics of
relationships, especially in my own family, and how
people/relationships/situations work, or don’t.

*finding out that… I am not supposed to initiate, yet my authority
(which is ego projected, so I hafta look to others for much of my decision
making process) is all about willpower, direction, and desire, and Yet I
have the design of initiation, but not in terms of initiating on my own
but of taking people through that initiatory membrane, that veil, the
“ring pass not…”

*the more I trust in my own process, the easier(initially) it gets.

* i have been a slave to others’ whims and thoughts my entire life, my own
willpower slowly being revealed in these moments

A Little Story…
I was once asked a question by a dear old friend who asked, “hey, this
whole ‘getting it’ thing. Once I get it and, y’know, see All That Is or
the answer or the deeper patterns, does it get any easier?

I laughed and said, ‘No it doesn’t. But, you become a bit more deft and
dexterous with handling the situations that arise, and the weirdness of
what it means to be human.

its just about being in your human-ness as much as you can stand.

More deeply tho, we are always taught to, suggested, and requested to
‘be yourself’.

-You know, s/he’ll like you a lot more if you just be yourself.
-If you were just yourself, people would get more of who you are.
-why you gotta try to be someone that you’re not? Why can’t you just be

But when if EVER, are we ever, EVER shown who we are. Is there a way to
tell… who you are?

Welcome to the Power of Human Design
this is literally the blueprint for taking repose into ‘yourself’.
I’m not gonna make any more claims tho. Just watch me, and my adventures
and the pudding will prove it to us.

but don’t take my word for it, try the experiment for yourself.

Because ultimately, Human Design has the capacity to give us that which
all the other disciplines promise as well….

Love Yourself