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June 20, 2008

I’m hooked on ‘LOST’ the TV series. Its a fabulous look at people under stress, and how they behave, or not. and its a very lucid look into the NOTSelf world of conditioning and the power of outer authority. In the show, everyone has secrets in one form or another that often dictate their current actions. In Design, we call that conditioning. really deep conditioning, and outer authority. but that’s another story.

22:03 Its a warm summer evening here. finally summer seems to be settling in. I walked down to the video store for my latest fix of LOST. I’ve had an interesting day and now steeped in melancholy, I am just wandering around the neighborhood looking for a little pressure to guide me. its a brilliant night, warm and pregnant with evening jaunts, or adventure by streetlamp, but no one has called and I am trying to not feel hope.

13:52. After a swim and a tuna melt(with jarlsberg!) lunch with one of my favorite people, she had a guest drop by who is a personal/success coach. She was dropping off some texts for a course they were involved in, and some how the conversation turned to Design. Almost an hour later, I had her fascinated and authentically interested, albeit I warned her that Design doesn’t like psychology very much. We found common ground in the vision that both coaching and Design earnestly strive for people to be free, tho from very different angles. I really enjoyed the stimulating talk and was very glad to exercise my Design muscles with another newbie, and she, having ONLY the channel of the Archetype(57-34) as her definition, listened very carefully…enthralled.

22:14 with the latest episodes in pocket, I stroll out into the thick air, looking for a little pressure, some public juice to fill this projector up. I walk past 3 restaurants and 2 bars, scanning for something interesting, perhaps some energy that has a little flare to it. All I see are clutches of tired people, sitting slightly uncomfortably on couches and chairs, holding drinks they are supposed to be drinking, trying desperately to look interested in something. really trying. I shake my head slowly, for I can feel them more than I can see them. call it my ‘spidey sense’, scanning a room like a ship’s sonar.
nuthin’. nada. nil. zilch. bored.

14:43 I look into her eyes, assuring her that I will have a look at her son’s chart. I will see if (with my little bit of experience), I can give her some tips on how to work with her four-yr-old triple split definition emotional generator. I see her eyes, and I perceive that she is in there somewhere, but I can easily see the coating of the ‘world’ upon her, and the mind, her scrutinizing, the discerning filters. I’ve seen her chart, so I have a sense of what is inside, the beauty that Michelangelo sees inside a block of marble. She’s juggling alot( and doesn’t have head or root definition…oooo the pressure!) so i am patient. And she’s interested in Design, some string sung inside. and from her sacral eeking its first message to me, I believe there is fun to be had. She’ll just have to reframe her experience a bit, and slough off some notions and try the experiment of living her Design.

It’s really tough to take on something as incredible as Design. its a whole other way of being. Its a psychic windex the likes of which i have never seen. My melancholy bubbles up from being alone tonight with my experience, my clarity and living my Design. Alone. for the moment.

that’s the NOTSelf world for you.