The KEY (and the Bitch!) to Strategic Living

So, Here I am working this Design thing over and pouring over books, and manuals, and exercises, and….

Wait a minit! What’s this all about???!

Oh that’s right. Know your type, follow your strategy, watch out for your NotSelf and the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that the NotSelf promises, and get caught in a cultural programming of the ‘self’ you think you are supposed to have rather than the self you truly have?

So, here’s a primer of type and strategy. Real simple. Real easy. And real real. Mind you, its faaaaar from inclusive, so this is just for starters.

So you got yer chart done, and you look at this schematic diagram of these tubes and shapes, and ya scratch ya head. Three things to do right now
1. crumple it up and practice your jumpshot
2. find an analyst and get a readin’
3. read on… you might discover something

four major types. Five if you are a manifesting generator and that is subject for comment, but more on that later. I kinda look at the four types like astrology signs but really you can’t. its so much more complicated and full of nuance.

the 4 Types (borrowed from HDS UK)

Ultimately its about power, and energy. Where this power is sourced, where it goes, and then life is how we direct this energy. There are these four ‘motors’ in the body sources of energy and vitality that help us to power our spacesuits/bodies/mental constructs through life. These four motors are: sacral, root, solar plexus, heart. Now, depending upon how each of these motors are hooked together, and who they are hooked together with, gives us different ‘definition’. Just ‘cause you got some an not others doesn’t mean you are a loser, or that you are any less than any body else. God made ya like the sun, a brilliant beam of cosmic light. And your genes give the whatfor on how you live it out, so stay with me, K?

So, on to Strategies… I’m a [insert type here] so now I…

Generator- (70%)
The KEY- You, ya got the juice. You have the sacral center defined, it’s the red square. BOOM! You got the vitality and you are self powered. This is also where you gotta trust the most. The sacral has this beeeeooootiful deep genetic knowledge and incredible intelligence that well tell you either yes, or no. that’s it. Not what color to wear or which boy/girl is the cutest. Nor will it ever give a reason for why it chooses the way it does. Enraging your rational mind every time it responds. You gotta feel it. You gotta listen for it. Some call it their gut response. Throughout history, my friends are always saying, ‘Man, if I had ONLY TRUSTED MY GUT, I wouldn’t be in this mess.’ Now, here is your permission to trust your gut for the rest of your life. Here’s all ya gotta do: wait for it to respond. It’ll say yes or no. or more like ‘unh hunh,’ or ‘hunh hunh’. Instead of either or, you get to look at your options ONE AT A TIME and wait for your sacral to respond to it. If you listen, it will say yes or no. or sometimes nothing at all. move on if that’s so. Keep it simple. Yes or no. BE SURE its your sacral, get to know what it feels like b/c the mind will, once you move your authority and choice making to a different floor in your body, will get pissed and try to fake like it’s the sacral, or outright disagree, and try to steer the ship in another direction. Why do you wait for that response? b/c it makes decisions based on what is truly and deeply correct for you and your path in life. Nuff said. Give it a shot. For a week. Reword questions, ask yourself and have other people ask you yes or no questions and…wait for it.

The BITCH of it– Waiting for your gut to say something in this ‘gotta have it now’, rough and tumble, needed it yesterday, world? WTF??? Very frustrating when you get stuck. And stuck is when you are waiting for a response and none comes, or when someone doesn’t ask you so your sacral can respond correctly. Yes or No. Its about waiting really. Waiting for the sacral to speak. Not your mind to figure it out and package and promote it and market the idea or options to your sacral, but to allow for that deep wondrous intelligence to choose. Remember its always going to choose in your favor. Might not make sense, but it will.
Or, if you have emotional authority (solar plexus defined brown triangle on the right) you hafta sleep on it b/c you need to feel/sense the choice through your varied and deep emotional system. You will feel differently about it at different times, so ask yourself several times over a decent period of time. Or sleep on it and ask yourself again in the morning

Manifesting Generator (MG)
The KEY- go read about the generator, then come back….
…Done? Ok now, what it really depends upon is where the power comes from(which one of the four motors) and how it connects to the throat. The throat center is the place where thoughts become things. Humans speak thoughts and ideas into being. So, the energy moves from a motor to the throat and how that moves is your specialty. You have a specific way that works best for you to manifest, so you are all about technique. Finding your niche for manifesting, as it were.

The BITCH of it– Most MG’s are busy busy busy all the time. They always feel like they gotta be doin’ sumthin’. And they usually are. Its really incredible to watch them. I can’t imagine being one. Whew! So the bitch of it is that you can make a whole lotta things happen and accomplish scads of cool stuff over your life, but ya still gotta get the go ahead from the sacral.

The KEY- you are management, energetic management. Tour guide. At times people are annoyed by you b/c you have all the answers or gleefully ‘volunteer’ information to people. Funny that b/c you really often DO know how to make a situation better, more efficient or fabulous. Here’s the rub tho.Ya gotta make sure the people WANT you to help/manage them. You gotta be invited to participate. It works like this; People only want to be managed if they give permission to be managed. Whether it be that they consent to taking on a job or vocation, enroll in a learning program, or when at wits end turn that map over and ask you to ‘get them out of here’, its about the invite. Its about recognition that you know what’s up and you can roll them out of there. Then they give you permission with the invitation for you to manage them. Ands you can, and do it with integrity b/c if you don’t you’ll not be invited back. You become the guide for their energy for they may have hit a wall and will keep hitting it unless you alter their course. But don’t force it. You can actually eve ask people to invite you into the process. Ask them if they’d like a little help with what they’re up to. Ask them to ask you for your advice. Let everyone you know that you really like to get invitations, specific ones, not the ‘open’ invitations ‘anytime’. Doesn’t work. Train your peeps to notice when they want to have you around, or need you, and specifically ask you to be involved. It feels so much better to you and you get to stop fighting for your right to relax into it, and manage the energy. Correctly.

The BITCH- most people don’t know that you need to be recognized for your awesomeness, and in most cultures awesomeness is recognized as those who do the most bullying to get ahead, or manifesting(which in design we call initiating, which is reserved for manifestors b/c of their energy setup) and these people are usually exhausting themselves and weakening significant systems in their bodies by moving the energy incorrectly through their bodies/lives. Or worse yet, pushing their way through and pissing a lot of people off while doing it. Not body likes to be told what to do without being asked. Additionally, recognition is often viewed as egoic, and I say to heck with that! The recognition will actually relax a projector, not amp them up inappropriately. In this modern world ya gotta go out and ‘grab the brass ring’, and ‘climb the ladder of success’ and push your way through. But in order for you as a projector to do it correctly, you need to be invited to do it. Just let the people in your life know that you like to be invited, and remind them about that stipulation, and things will go A LOT more smoothly.

Manifestor- (8%)
The KEY- you are an independent. No one is your master, and no one has rights over you. Ever. At all. So for you its simple; check in. Let people know what you are up to, and let everyone around you know that if they want to join you or whathave you, they can check with you, and for the most part, unless you want to be alone, they can come. Also, if you want to join up with something, or come along, just let people know. ‘Do you mind if I join you?’ ‘I’ll come along if that’s ok with you.’ You know how to do it, and you can do it and you do it when you choose to do it. Just inform those around you of what you are up to.

The BITCH- everybody’s got their two cents worth. And they are more than happy to give it to you. It just grates your teeth when someone says, ‘you mind if I make a suggestions?’ Anyone telling you what to do, or how to do it. Team player you aren’t. Usually. Or, maybe you’ve been forced to share and to take suggestions and comments and critiques your entire life, and have been so worn down by it you don’t know who you are. You’d much rather work alone or show your project manager the results rather than step by step. Its just better to smile and nod, and take it with a grain of salt. You ‘ve got it handled, already. Even now. Be patient, they just don’t know yet.

Reflector (1%)
The KEY- you are a sensitive one aren’t you? You feel the waves of people all around you and get overwhelmed, its almost like they’re in your head most of the time. Here’s the good news. They aren’t inside your head. You are dealing with Projections most of the time, basically its as though you are holding a mirror in front of you most of the time, and people are seeing themselves in you rather than you. So, how do you know who you are? It actually takes a little bit more time to figure out, since you feel so much. More like a month. Take a sampling, every day a coupla times a day of what the general ambient sensations feel like. Write this down every day and track it, so you can feel what everything feels like, and use your spidey sense to distinguish between different feelings. For big decisions, you really should take the choice through at least one full cycle of the variables of emotions.

The BITCH- People don’t’ really see you, they kinda see themselves in you. Its more like a sensation, and you are just sitting there staring back at them, and they aren’t really talking to you. They are talking at themselves through you. Its what we call in design the Teflon aura, nothing sticks to you but you feel everything passing over/around/through you. Large scale gatherings can be daunting, b/c there is so much noise, and not much actually going on that you can feel. You can often be disappointed, in very deep ways, not only in other people but for others to not see you and nurture you for who you really are. You need a bit more attention than everyone else, and damn it you deserve it!

ok now go outside and try it on. get strategic!


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